Wednesday, September 14, 2016


         Hey! Welcome to my blog! I'm really excited to start this and share my hobbies with you! My blog is going to talk about my hunting life, my life, and sports. All of these things are my hobbies i do in my spare time.

         The sport I play are football. I'm very dedicated to getting better and better at it. When football season is over I play madden 16 (a Xbox game) and play with my friends. I play defense end and line but I'm not huge on playing line its very boring. My favorite position to play is defense end. I'm not the the biggest guy and some people I play against are double my size but I'm fast so i can get around them.

         My hunting life is good. I just got my first buck license for a bow. I went hunting 3 times before I finally shot him. He was a 6 by 7 antler deer and I have a lot more hunting stories than that like my very first deer and duck and pheasant hunting I can tell you.

        My actual personal life is good. I live in a small town where most of my relatives live. So I can shoot BB gun at birds. My hobbies alone are biking. I live where not a lot of people drive on our roads so I can go to my aunts house 10 miles away which by the way was my first bike ride that got me hooked. So in conclusion that's what my blog is going to be about.